Why VerdictSearch Data?

VerdictSearch Data can enhance your claim-valuation process. We have information you don’t have – more than 200,000 cases – and can help ensure that you’re not settling cases for anything more than fair value.

Whether your requirements are broad or narrow, access and analyze data for a wide variety of purposes, such as:

  • Case valuation
  • Litigation management
  • Settlement negotiations
  • Structured settlements
  • Risk assessment
  • Insurance marketing
  • Expert witness research and more!

Do your own research and find that winning edge

Our advanced research platform uses the most in-depth research criterias to help you do your individual searches. It offers 16 different search criteria and unique taxonomies, so you can dig deeper into each case and find out how much it is worth.

16 search criteria

Our reseach platform offers 16 search criteria to help you narrow down your analysis and dig deep into each case:

  • Keyword research, including boolean operators (and / or)
  • Geography: State, Venue/County
  • Plaintiff-side research: age, gender, area of expertise, Expert name, Attorney name, Party name, Judge name, Insurance Carrier
  • Award amount, award type, type of case, type of injury
  • Date range
Set up & Manage Alerts

Make sure you stay up to date with the latest verdicts and settlements by setting up personalized alerts.

Your alert can use any of the 16 search criteria to make it as specific as you need.

Insights & Statistics

Our team of reporters regularly do some deeper dives into the data and help important insights and statistics under the spotlights. Their research will tap into topics such as plaintiff’s success vs. jury’s wealth status, insurer male/femail settlement bias and more!

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Work with our data using your analytical tools

You may be familiar with our regular VerdictSearch research service. We offer insurers a full download of our data. You can perform research within our data or you can integrate our data into your existing valuation data. We provide more than 40 data points and allow analysis your current data may not allow, such as plaintiff’s counsel’s strategic history regarding settling cases, refusing offers and taking cases to trial.

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Nationwide Data Points and Structure

Our highly structured database, based on consistent data collection criteria, allows for standardized data as well as easy mapping to your own proprietary research database tables thanks to our unique taxonomies for case types, injuries, and expert witness areas of expertise.

Data Structure

We collect numerous discrete data points to help you get the most specific information for your case:

  • 40+ different data elements in each case
  • 100 types of cases (over 1500 case type classifications)
  • 35 primary injury types (1200+ injury classifications)
  • Unique three-tiered injury taxonomy, to easily find detailed case information by injury type, compare outcomes and analyze what a specific injury is worth.
Database with Numerous Data Points

Data points in our database include:

  • Jurisdiction
  • Claimants’ injuries and treatments
  • Case type
  • Insures and policy limits
  • Settlement demand and offer
  • Mediators
  • Trial attorneys
  • And much more

Discover all the ways our data lightens your workload and enhances your bottom line

Plaintiff and Defense Data

Only VerdictSearch solicits feedback from attorneys on both sides of each case and investigates conflicting information.

Consistent Data Collection

Only VerdictSearch uses consistent data collection criteria formatting across all jurisdictions to simplify searching and data comparison.

Import our data into your tools

Only VerdictSearch allows lawyers, data analysts, actuaries and other insurance professionals to import data into their own front end applications and forecasting models for analysis.

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VerdictSearch data offers options for every research need and budget.
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