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Ohio Verdicts

Find out about the most important recent Ohio cases, selected by VerdictSearch editors. Coverage includes Cuyahoga, Franklin and Hamilton counties.

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Security contractor denied any involvement in plaintiff’s firing

A security contracting firm that had been accused of tortiously interfering with the employment contract of a security officer received a defense verdict after a trial on the claims. Clair Bigelow, who was terminated from his job as a police officer with the Cleveland Clinic Foundation Police Department, claimed Universal Protection Service, LLC employees provided false reports to Cleveland Clinic in order to protect Universal’s contract with Cleveland Clinic, at the expense of his at-will employment. Universal denied the allegations and contended that it had no legal duty to protect Bigelow from harm. Universal argued that Bigelow was ultimately fired by a non-party for egregious conduct and it had nothing to do with that determination.
Bigelow v. Universal Protection Service, LLC
Cuyahoga County

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No proof bladder, bowel were injured during surgery: defense

A jury returned a defense verdict in a medical malpractice case that had claimed an OB/GYN had negligently performed a robotic-assisted laparoscopic hysterectomy. Cynthia Robinson argued that the negligence of Habideh Gitiforooz, M.D. caused damage to her bladder and bowel and that Gitiforooz then failed to immediately recognize the injuries. Per Robinson, Gitiforooz lacked the customary and usual skills needed to perform the procedure and should have used a more conservative approach. The defense said Gitiforooz appropriately performed the surgery and the injuries were known risks of the surgery. Robinson had also sued Gitiforooz’s practice, Lakewood Women’s Health, as well as Fairview Hospital and Cleveland Clinic.
Robinson v. Fairview Hospital
Cuyahoga County

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Van driver and laundromat both liable for injuries: plaintiffs

A total of $862,550 was awarded in a case wherein a man and his daughter were injured while sitting outside of a laundromat. Jaime and Maria Melendez were sitting outside the Akron Coin Laundry when Ganga Kharel, who was operating a minivan, hit the accelerator instead of the brake while attempting to park. The van struck both Jaime and Maria and pushed them through the glass into the laundromat. They sued Kharel and her father, alleging negligence and negligent entrustment, as well as the laundromat itself, alleging the laundromat’s failure to install wheel stops and bollards in the parking lot contributed to their injuries. The jury assigned a total of 55-percent liability to the Kharels and 45-percent liability to the laundromat.
Melendez v. Kharel
Summit County

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Largest Ohio Jury Verdicts

(2023 only; based on cases reported to VerdictSearch)
Verdict Case Venue Date
$787,000,000 Estate of J.B. v. Long.wood Forest Products Inc. Federal Aug. 15
$26,000,000 Estate of Stephen Tate v. LP Warren LLC Trumbull Co. May 26
$7,625,000 Hance v. Cleveland Clinic Cuyahoga Co. June 6
$6,741,086 Waters v. Capital Towing & Recovery Inc. Franklin Co. Feb. 6
$2,150,000 Estate of Furr v. Cincinnati GI Inc. Hamilton Co. Jan. 27