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Find out about the most important recent North and South Carolina cases, selected by VerdictSearch editors. Coverage includes Gaston, Mecklenburg and Wake counties in North Carolina and Charleston, Horry and Richland in South Carolina.

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Failure to secure pit bull led to attack on child, per plaintiffs

The family of a 6-year-old boy who was attacked by a pit bull was awarded $500,000. Malachi Smith and his mother sued neighbors Teneshia Craig and Tim Huntley, who owned the dog, and C. Alexander Rorie and Lucinda Rorie, the landlords of the property where Craig and Huntley lived. The Smiths alleged that the dog was known to be aggressive and dangerous and was not properly or humanely restrained by Craig and Huntley. Also, the Smiths alleged the Rories must have been aware of the dog’s presence, yet failed to enforce a lease provision prohibiting pets. The defendants all denied the pit bull was dangerous or treated inhumanely. They also argued that the dog had no history of biting.
Smith v. Craig
Union County, NC

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Motorist claimed ongoing neck, back pain due to car crash

A verdict of $50,000 was awarded to a woman claiming multiple soft tissue injuries with lumbar radiculopathy following a motor vehicle accident. Janice Wright sued Dennis Martin, alleging that Martin caused the Interstate 77 accident when he lost control of his vehicle after passing her at a high rate of speed. The defense attorney was forced to concede liability when Martin failed to appear for trial. The defense did, however, dispute injury causation and damages, noting a one-year gap in Wright’s treatment and asserting that not all of her medical bills were reasonable or necessary. The defense had also noted that Wright had been referred to her chiropractor by her attorney.
Wright v. Martin
Richland County, SC

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Plaintiff: Prior spinal condition was aggravated by crash

A man claiming aggravation of a prior spinal condition was awarded $750,000 by a McCormick County jury. Samuel Wesley Young was a passenger in a vehicle that was rear-ended in Columbia. He sued the driver of the other vehicle, Dominique Samuel, alleging Samuel was negligent in the operation of her vehicle. Liability was conceded, but the defense denied the extent to which Young’s condition was aggravated, noting that the condition had required Young to wear leg braces since the age of 13 to assist in walking. However, while acknowledging long-term limited mobility in his lower extremities, Young argued that most of his mobility at the time of the accident had been in his upper body, which he said was now compromised.
Young v. Samuel
McCormick County, SC

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