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Michigan Verdicts

Find out about the most important recent Michigan cases, selected by VerdictSearch editors. Coverage includes Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties.

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Vascular surgeon denied liability for patient’s death

A jury returned a verdict of no cause of action in a malpractice case alleging that a vascular surgeon’s failure to order a CT scan resulted in a patient’s death. A CT scan was ordered after Sandra Peetz exhibited neurological symptoms following a surgical procedure performed by Sachinder Hans, M.D. The scan showed a previously unknown and pre-existing subdural hematoma that began leaking due to the administration of a blood thinner prior to the surgery. This caused the hematoma to leak, creating a new clot and causing Peetz’s brain to herniate. Peetz’s estate claimed a delay in ordering the scan resulted in Peetz’s death. Hans claimed the scan was timely ordered and he had no reason to suspect the patient had a chronic subdural hematoma.
Estate of Peetz v. Henry Ford Macomb Hospital, et al.
Macomb County

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Physical therapist denied causing patient’s knee fracture

A verdict of no cause of action was entered in a case in which a patient alleged that her physical therapist was responsible for a knee fracture that occurred during therapy. Donelda Taylor, who had undergone a total knee replacement, presented to Zubair Fayyaz for physical therapy. According to Taylor, she had completed 12 visits with Fayyaz when she fractured her patella while doing BOSU ball lunges. She claimed Fayyaz was negligent in initiating overly aggressive therapy. The defense denied negligence and argued that a patellar break after knee replacement was a recognized risk of the surgery. Also, the defense claimed the ligaments in Taylor’s knee were not properly balanced and any movement could have caused the patella to break.
Taylor v. Fayyaz
Oakland County

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Burns from spilled coffee were fault of customer: defense

A customer was unable to convince a jury that the Taco Bell restaurant where she purchased her coffee was responsible for burns she suffered when the coffee spilled into her lap. Patricia McCrady sued Taco Bell franchise owner Sundance, Inc., alleging the coffee spilled because the lid on the coffee cup was not properly secured. Sundance denied liability and argued that McCrady did not return to the restaurant until 15 minutes after the purchase and, at that time, never indicated that the coffee spilled because of a loose lid. Also, the attendant working the drive-through at the time of the purchase testified that the lid was secure when the cup was handed to McCrady. The defense claimed McCrady spilled the coffee due to her own negligence.
McCrady v. Sundance Inc.
Washtenaw County

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