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Georgia Verdicts

Find out about the most important recent Georgia cases, selected by VerdictSearch editors. Coverage includes Fulton, DeKalb and Gwinnett counties.

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Lack of traction in tub caused him to fall, hotel guest claimed

A hotel guest was awarded $644,759, less 20-percent comparative negligence, for injuries he sustained when he fell in the hotel’s tub. Samuel Collins and his wife were staying at the Doubletree Hilton hotel in Savannah when he slipped and fell in the tub. Collins suffered a neck fracture. He claimed hotel owners Flotel II, Inc. and Northpoint Hospitality Group, Inc. had insufficient traction in the tub and that the hotel owners allowed a dangerous condition to exist without warning guests of the danger. The owners denied there was any defect with the tub and suggested that Collins might have been intoxicated at the time of the fall.
Collins v. Flotel II Inc.
Chatham County

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Fall in hospital left patient confined to wheelchair: lawsuit

A jury awarded $2,665,511 to a woman who fell at a hospital. Carolyn Byrom was at WellStar Douglas Hospital in Douglasville for pre-operative tests. Byrom, who was being transported in a wheelchair, said her right pant leg got caught on a foot pedal as she attempted to exit the chair. She fractured her knee, which she said made her wheelchair-dependent. She sued Douglas Hospital, Inc., alleging that its employee failed to offer assistance in getting out of the chair and that the hospital was negligent in hiring, supervision and training. The hospital argued that the employee assisting Byrom had 35 years of experience and Byrom’s morbid obesity contributed to her being unable to remain standing when her pant leg got caught on the foot pedal.
Byrom v. Douglas Hospital Inc.
Douglas County

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Postal worker: Dog owners engaged in willful misconduct

A postal worker was awarded $125,000, including punitives, against the owners of a dog who attacked her. Katrina Bebee said she had delivered a package to the home of Paul and Nicole Jones and was returning to her work vehicle when the Joneses’ Boxer dog escaped the home and attacked her, biting her on the wrist/forearm and calf. Bebee alleged the dog had a history of aggressive behavior and the Joneses were negligent in allowing their 11-year-old son to supervise the dog. Given the dog’s history, Bebee argued, the dog should have been better contained and muzzled. She asserted willful misconduct and malice by the Joneses. In response, the Joneses claimed they had taken appropriate measures to prevent further dog bites.
Bebee v. Jones
Fulton County

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