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Georgia Verdicts

Find out about the most important recent Georgia cases, selected by VerdictSearch editors. Coverage includes Fulton, DeKalb and Gwinnett counties.

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Mother: Botched circumcision left child with lifelong deformity

A total of $30,995,000 was awarded in a case involving allegations of a negligently performed circumcision that resulted in a permanent deformity. DeJuan Williams was 18 days old when the circumcision was performed by midwife Melissa Jones, who was later assisted by OB/GYN Brian Register. Both worked for Life Cycle OB/GYN, which was owned by Anne Sigouin. The tip of the boy’s penis, including part of the urethra, was reportedly severed during the procedure. When Sigouin was notified of what happened, she contacted pediatrician Abigail Kamishlian to inform her. The suit alleged that all of these individuals failed to refer the baby for emergent treatment to repair the penis. The jury assigned varying degrees of culpability to the defendants.
Willis v. Jones
Clayton County

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Negligently installed manhole cover caused crash: motorist

Pamela Dale, who claimed injuries after driving over an uncovered manhole, was awarded $1.4 million. Dale alleged that the front of her vehicle suddenly and unexpectedly became airborne and crashed to the ground after driving over the manhole. She asserted that the manhole was a public nuisance and was installed in violation of municipal, county and state regulations. The problem with the manhole, Dale claimed, was that it had been installed 4-6 inches below the street surface, which the city knew or should of known would create a public hazard. Her accident reconstructionist opined that the manhole cover flipped off due to the way the manhole had been installed. The defense argued that there was no notice of the alleged public nuisance.
Dale v. City of Atlanta
Fulton County

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Misplaced femoral line led to leg amputation, plaintiff argued

A woman who said she required a leg amputation due to a misplaced femoral line was awarded $4.7 million. The jury’s award was reduced to $1,269,000 due to the apportionment of liability to a non-party, as well as a finding of comparative negligence by the patient. Connie Lockhart arrived at the hospital after attempting suicide. An attempt was made to place a femoral line, but the catheter was inadvertently placed in the femoral artery instead of the vein. The right leg later had to be amputated due to diminished arterial blood flow. Lockhart sued the doctors who provided her care, Glenn Bloom and Sachin Lavania. The doctors denied liability and placed blame on Lockhart and the hospital, which had previously settled out of the case.
Lockhart v. Bloom
Fulton County

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Largest Georgia Jury Verdicts

(2019 only; based on cases reported to VerdictSearch)
Verdict Case Venue Date
$280,065,000 Madere v. Greenwich Insurance Co. Muscogee Co. Aug. 23
$135,107,000 Pathfinder Payment Solutions Inc. v. Global Payments Direct Inc. DeKalb Co. Sept. 23
$125,000,000 Thornton v. Ralston GA LLC Muscogee Co. July 1
$81,000,000 Taylor v. Kroger Co. DeKalb Co. April 18
$60,000,000 Doe v. Devereux Foundation Inc. Cobb Co. Nov. 19
$45,000,000 Carmichael v. Georgia CVS Pharmacy, L.L.C. Fulton Co. March 22
$27,000,000 Huynh v. MDV Spartannash, LLC Muscogee Co. May 25
$14,834,000 Rogers v. Georgia Trails & Rentals Inc. Greene Co. Dec. 13
$14,000,000 Johnson v. Francis Gwinnett Co. May 21
$12,000,000 Franklin v. Dunwoody Obstetrics and Gynecology, P.C. DeKalb Co. Nov. 4