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Find out about the most important recent Florida cases, selected by VerdictSearch editors. Coverage includes Miami-Dade, Palm Beach and Pinellas counties.

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Plaintiff hit by drunken driver awarded $15.25M

A jury awarded $15.25 million to a woman who suffered multiple fractures in a collision with a drunken driver. On July 19, 2015, Kathryn Knoth, then 40, was driving on Gulf Boulevard, in Treasure Island, when she was struck by a rented convertible driven by Youssef Belhadj, who had lost control and crossed over into Knoth's lane. Knoth suffered fractures to his neck, back, ribs, sternum, sacrum, pelvis, a femur, a fibula, and both tibias. She claimed Belhadj was legally intoxicated and driving 80 mph in a 35-mph zone when he lost control. Belhadj's passenger, Yassine Bouhamidi, jointly rented the car and was added as a defendant, but they both failed to respond. A default judgment on liability was entered, and the trial addressed damages.
Knoth v. Belhadj
Pinellas County

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Estate of man swayed by smoking ads awarded $2.4M

A jury awarded $2.4 million after a smoker died from lung cancer. In October 1992, James Chadwell, then 30, was diagnosed with a form of lung cancer. He underwent multiple rounds of chemotherapy and radiation, but died a year later. His wife, Brenda Chadwell, claimed that her husband developed lung cancer from smoking cigarettes and that he became addicted when he started smoking at age 11. She alleged that Philip Morris USA Inc. had ads that made smoking look cool to teenagers and that her husband switched to Marlboro Lights in 1988 because ads stated that those cigarettes were safer. Defense counsel claimed the decedent was not addicted and chose to continue smoking. Counsel also denied the decedent’s cancer was related to smoking.
Estate of Chadwell v. Philip Morris USA Inc.
Miami-Dade County

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Jury awards $573,046 to motorist injured in crash with turning vehicle

A jury awarded $573,046 to a motorist who was struck by a turning vehicle. On Dec. 8, 2013, Amos Dumel, then 23, was driving on Lighthouse Drive, in Palm Beach Gardens, when the driver’s side of his SUV was struck by the front of Mary Beth Chapman's SUV, which was making a left out of a shopping center. Dumel claimed Chapman failed to stop for a stop sign and yield the right of way. He also claimed the crash caused a herniated cervical disc, and bulging cervical and lumbar discs. Chapman claimed that she stopped for the stop sign and that Dumel was speeding, so she did not see him until seconds before the crash. She also denied Dumel's herniation was caused the crash. Dumel denied speeding. After a PIP set-off, Dumel recovered $563,608.
Dumel v. Chapman
Palm Beach County

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Largest Florida Jury Verdicts

(since Jan. 1, 2018; based on cases reported to VerdictSearch)
$109,760,930 Carter v. Glazerman Hillsborough Co. Jan 26
$70,560,050 Baca v. Tomececk Broward Co. Jan 29
$49,782,431 Buck-Leiter Palm Avenue Development, LLC. v. City of Sarasota Sarasota Co. May 21
$26,000,000 (D) Williams Island Property Owners' Association Inc. v. City of Aventura Miami-Dade Co. Jan 30
$25,910,000 Estate of Salliotte v. Sam's East Inc. Pasco Co. Mar 15
$25,000,000 Estate of Dougherty v. WCA of Florida, LLC Alachua Oct 9
$20,300,000 Spearman v. Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. Miami-Dade Co. Jun 1
$20,000,000 Estate of Landi v. R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. Broward Co. Jun 8
$19,500,000 Howard v. Philip Morris USA Inc. Pasco Feb 20
$17,500,000 Estate of Gloger v. R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. Miami-Dade Co. Feb 6