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California Verdicts

Find out about the most important recent California cases, selected by VerdictSearch editors. Coverage includes Alameda, Los Angeles, Orange, San Francisco and San Diego counties.

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Jury awards $5.15M for woman’s emotional distress from revenge porn

A jury awarded $5.15 million to a woman whose ex-boyfriend posted photos online that were taken from a secret sex tape. In June 2016, Maria Melgoza, 35, learned that Andre Pompey posted images on Facebook of them having sex. The images were taken from recordings that were made without her knowledge. She claimed that Pompey posted the images after she told him that she did not want to move in with him and that Pompey tagged her profile, ensuring that she, her friends and her family would see the photos. Melgoza claimed the uploaded images caused severe emotional distress. Pompey, who appeared pro se, attempted to explain his actions by claiming that he struggles with depression as a result of a family incident when he was 12 years old..
Melgoza v. Pompey
Monterey County

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Jury awards $3M for fatal fire caused by outlet installation

A jury awarded $3 million to the daughter of a woman who died in an apartment fire. On June 29, 2014, Maria Lourdes Romana Belo, 55, was in her apartment when a fire started in her hallway closet and spread to her living space. Belo was found unconsicous from smoke inhalation by a window leading to a fire escape. She died several days later. Her daughter claimed Bally Hallinan Family LLC, which owned the building since the 1930s, had negligently installed an electrical outlet in the closet. She claimed the outlet was ungrounded and had faulty wiring, causing the fire. Defense counsel denied the fire was electrical and claimed it started externally from the outlet. Counsel also claimed Belo's hoarding contributed to the fire.
Belo v. Bally Hallinan Properties
San Francisco County

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Employee subjected to ageist comments awarded over $31M

An employee allegedly discriminated against based on her age was awarded $31,089,793. In 2014, Codie Rael, then 54, began to be supervised by Fernando Estavillo, who was under 40 years old. Rael claimed numerous ageist comments were made about her after Estavillo was hired by Ormco Corp. She also claimed her workload was increased and she was refused training, despite it being available to younger employees. Rael alleged she quit due to stress from her job. Defense counsel claimed Rael voluntarily resigned, and the alleged comments were taken out of context or not said. The jury awarded $3,089,793 in compensatory damages and $28 million in punitive damages against two Ormco subsidiaries, Sybron Dental Specialties Inc. and Kavo Kerr Group.
Rael v. Axis SybronEndo
Los Angeles County

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$289,253,209 Johnson v. Monsanto Co. San Francisco Co. Aug 10
$105,356,000 Kali v. Young San Diego Oct 31
$68,035,462 Arteaga v. Fresno Community Regional Medical Center Fresno Co. Mar 20
$52,708,374 Lennig v. CRST Los Angeles Co. Feb 21
$45,400,000 F.M. v. County of Los Angeles Los Angeles Co. Jul 26
$41,634,170 Taylor v. Schilling Los Angeles Co. Apr 16
$33,500,000 Archibald v. County of San Bernardino Federal Mar 14
$31,089,793 Rael v. Axis SybronEndo Los Angeles Co. Jun 26
$30,270,501 Morgan v. CBS Corp. Los Angeles Nov 15