Our print and electronic publications allow you to keep your finger on the pulse of the courts. We deliver the latest case news to your home, office, inbox or phone. Verdict newsletters report important cases from a region or a particular practice area, presented with unparalleled detail and accuracy. Citators, indexes and other VerdictSearch publications dive into case law, expert witnesses and many more critical topics.

VerdictSearch Print Reporters

National – 12 issues Sample PDF
California – 48 issues Sample PDF
Carolinas – 12 issues Sample PDF
D.C. Metro – 12 issues Sample PDF
Florida – 12 issues Sample PDF
Georgia – 12 issues Sample PDF
Michigan – 12 issues Sample PDF
New England – 12 issues Sample PDF
New Jersey – 12 issues Sample PDF
New York – 48 issues Sample PDF
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VerdictSearch Reporters provide trial attorneys, mediators and risk managers with an accurate evaluation of jury verdicts and settlements throughout the nation. You’ll get just the information you need — detailed summaries by county, of state and federal cases tried, mediated and arbitrated. Our reports include a comprehensive account of the causes of action, award breakdowns and more. For analyzing verdicts and settlements, there is no better source than VerdictSearch. 


O’Brien’s (California) Evaluator
Get over 1,000 case reports in one convenient source. Find the value of injuries in California; the “track record” of specific experts; the outcome of cases similar to yours all in one binder.

NY Civil Motion Citator
NY Matrimonial Case Citator
NY Tort Citator

Used by trial attorneys throughout New York, these three volumes are your best source for points and authorities in civil, matrimonial, and tort cases, providing comprehensive case synopses.


VerdictSearch Top 100 of 2016
The top 100 verdicts and top 20 defense victories of 2016, in one comprehensive report. You’ve heard about these major cases — now find out about the attorneys and expert witnesses involved. 

Semi-Annual Indexes

California Semi-Annual Index
New York Semi-Annual Index
The Semiannual Index turns your VerdictSearch Reporter subscription into an even more indispensable research tool – index six months of cases that can be searched by attorney, judge, experts, actions or injuries.