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Case Types: Transportation - Roadways | Motor Vehicle - Pedestrian | Worker/Workplace Negligence -  

Case: Isabella Escamilla Sanchez, a minor, by and through her Guardian Ad Litem, Carina Sanchez; Carina Sanchez, individually; and Daniel Sanchez, individually v. County of San Bernardino, City of Highland, San Bernardino Unified School District, Bonnie Oehl Elementary School, Durham School Services, Shanita Cottia Mason, Lillian Thanh Vo, Nguyen Tran, and Does 1 to 100, inclusive

State: CA

Date: 2017-09-21

Experts: Vera F. Dolan M.S.P.H. (Las Vegas, NV) Life Expectancy & Mortality

Summary: On Oct. 3, 2012, plaintiff Isabella Sanchez, 6, a student, was being walked to her school bus stop, in Highland, by an adult neighbor of her grandparents. During the walk, the neighbor was unable to ...