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Find out about the most important recent Texas cases, selected by VerdictSearch editors. Coverage includes Dallas, Harris and Tarrant counties.

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Jury sides with movie theater sued for fall

A movie theater wasn't to blame for an attendee's fall after the lights went down, a jury found. Jay Hancock went to Regal Tall City Stadium in Midland. He was walking down the aisle steps just as the lights were dimming for the feature. He fractured his knee and tore his shoulder in the fall. He claimed that the overhead lighting and the lights on the aisle seats went from fully lit to fully dark almost instantaneously. Regal argued that the lighting system is automatic and controlled by digital cues from the film itself. Also, the lighting is slowly brought from 100 percent to 50 percent for the previews, and then 50 percent to 20 percent over a few seconds for the feature. Also the lights on the seats remain bright throughout the movie, the defense maintained.
Hancock v. Regal Entertainment Group
Midland County

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Seaman recovers for foot injury

A worker on a drill ship in the Gulf of Mexico recovered $340,500 for an on-the-job foot injury. Nathan Deaver was a floor hand on a vessel owned by Noble Drilling (US) LLC. He claimed that he sustained a torn peroneal tendon, while Noble Drilling claimed he only had plantar fasciitis. The plaintiff’s unseaworthiness claim was that Noble Drilling failed to provide enough personnel for the safe and efficient performance of tasks. For five consecutive 12-hour days, Deaver had been performing mostly unassisted work in the vessel's shaker room, continuously going up and down multiple flights of stairs. The defendants denied the allegations and contended that Deaver was contributorily negligent for not asking for assistance in his work and in abandoning medical treatment for 18 months. The jury found Noble Drilling 90-percent responsible and Deaver 10-percent responsible.
Deaver v. Noble Drilling (US) LLC
Harris County

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Company hit with $1M verdict following saleswoman’s termination

A jury awarded $1,008,625 to a woman who claimed that she lost her job after a week due to sexual harassment and pregnancy discrimination. Sara Roberts worked for SMOB Services, an oil field inspection company, as a saleswoman. Roberts alleged that she was fired as a result of rejecting sexual advances from the company's personnel director. Roberts alleged that the personnel director conditioned the terms and conditions of her employment for an exchange of sexual favors. Roberts also alleged that her pregnancy was a motivating factor in her termination. The company claimed that she was fired for performance issues.
Roberts v. Brinkerhoff Inspection Inc.
United States District Court, Western District

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Largest Texas Jury Verdicts

(2018 only; based on cases reported to VerdictSearch)
$706,200,000 Title Source Inc. v. House Canary Inc. Bexar Mar 14
$502,600,000 VirnetX v. Apple Inc. Federal Apr 10
$400,000,000 Kaist IP US LLC v. Samsung Electronics Co. Federal Jun 15
$166,373,923 Fox v. Buckland Tarrant May 3
$89,700,000 Blake v. Ali Harris May 17
$43,327,246 Pierce v. East Texas Medical Center Smith Jan 30
$43,300,000 Maxell Ltd. v. ZTE (USA) Inc. Federal Jun 28
$43,000,000 Arrows Up LLC v. U.S. Silica Holdings Inc. Federal Jul 9
$41,000,000 Estate of Dunn v. OM Lodging LLC Harrison Jun 21
$33,129,391 Figgs v. Georgia Pacific Wood Products South, LLC Harris Apr 12