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Find out about the most important recent Texas cases, selected by VerdictSearch editors. Coverage includes Dallas, Harris and Tarrant counties.

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Man claiming assault by bouncer gets $709K

A man who had allegedly been drinking at a bar and was struck in the head with a police baton by a bouncer recovered $709,203. Carlos Rivera-Guardado claimed a traumatic brain injury after a night of drinking at La Oficina in Arlington. He admitted that he’d been drinking for hours that night, but he denied that he was causing any problems at the bar. After taking him outside, the bouncer struck the left side of the plaintiff's head with a baton, according to an eyewitness. The bar denied that Rivera-Guardado had been inside the bar at all that night. It claimed that he drunkenly came up to the bouncer in the parking lot and tried to hit him, and the bouncer pushed him away. When he did so, the plaintiff fell backward and hit his head, the defense argued. The jury found the bar 80 percent responsible and Rivera-Guardado 20 percent responsible, which reduced his $886,504 award.
Rivera-Guardado v. Tejanitos y Mas Inc.,
Tarrant County

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Doctor prevails in suit over infection

A gynecologist wasn't to blame for a patient's infection after a hysterectomy, a jury found. Regan Corbello underwent a hysterectomy and salpingo-oophorectomy performed by Dr. Ruben Victores. Shortly after surgery, she was hospitalized for five days for a urinary tract infection and then for 10 days for an abdominal abscess. The plaintiff's gynecology expert opined that Victores breached the standard of care by operating on a patient whose urinalysis showed the presence of bacteria. The defense’s infectious diseases expert said the urinalysis was contaminated by bacteria from something external, such as a careless technician or if the container hadn't been sterilized, not an infection.
Corbello v. Victores
Jefferson County

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Company hit with $1.6M verdict for fatal accident

The family of a worker at a corrugated box factory was awarded $1.6 million for his death when he was crushed in a machine. James Estrella, 31, was cleaning scrap material out of a die-cutter for D&S Container Inc. The die-cutter operator was unaware of Estrella's presence and started to use the machine. Estrella's upper body was pulled inside, and his head was crushed. The plaintiffs' occupational safety and health expert testified that the company failed to follow the safety program that it had implemented three years earlier, which required in part that machines be locked out and tagged out before cleaning. The jury’s award to Estrella’s common-law wife and their son was for punitive damages.
Ruiz v. D & S Container Inc.
Dallas County

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Largest Texas Jury Verdicts

(2018 only; based on cases reported to VerdictSearch)
$706,200,000 Title Source Inc. v. House Canary Inc. Bexar Mar 14
$502,600,000 VirnetX v. Apple Inc. Federal Apr 10
$43,327,246 Pierce v. East Texas Medical Center Smith Jan 30
$33,129,391 Figgs v. Georgia Pacific Wood Products South, LLC Harris Apr 12
$8,000,000 Mott v. MPII Inc. Bexar Feb 13
$7,887,361 Mendoza v. Farmers Best International LLC Hidalgo Jan 22
$6,600,000 Nguyen v. Amr Harris Feb 15
$5,159,660 Arredondo v. Ullah Investments, L.L.C. Nueces Jan 31
$2,502,781 Davis v. AAA Cooper Transportation Dallas Feb 14
$1,600,000 Ruiz v. D & S Container Dallas Mar 20