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Texas Verdicts

Find out about the most important recent Texas cases, selected by VerdictSearch editors. Coverage includes Dallas, Harris and Tarrant counties.

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Worker awarded for age discrimination claim

A maintenance assistant for the state Department of Transportation was awarded $254,440 on his age discrimination claim. Genaro Flores was 47 when he was fired. The department told him he was fired for policy violations. Flores denied violating any policy or doing anything to warrant disciplinary action and said the reason given for his termination was a pretext for discrimination. Flores also claimed that his replacements were substantially younger than he was, and that at least six other over-40 workers in the department were disciplined, transferred, forced to retire or terminated around the same time he was.
Flores v. Texas Department of Transportation
El Paso County

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Jury sides with gym sued for fall in steam room

A workout gym wasn't liable for a patron's fall in its steam room that fractured her shoulder and ankle. Isabel Miller was at the 24 Hour Fitness USA club in Plano when she slipped and fell. She claimed that she fell after she got up from a bench and then went down a step. She claimed that the room was dangerous due to lack of handrails, lack of rubber mats, the tile surface, the wet condition and the height of the benches. The defense argued that the steam room was safe and similar in design to almost all steam rooms, and that there had never been any previous incidents of members falling from the bench floor surface despite much usage over many years.
Miller v. 24 Hour Fitness USA Inc.
United States District Court, Eastern District, Sherman

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Man mauled by two pit bulls awarded $5.1M

A man who was permanently disabled in an attack by two pit bulls was awarded $5.1 million in a bench trial. Joseph Mooring was walking in front of a house in Bryan when the dogs attacked him for about five minutes. He sustained multiple bites and puncture wounds all over his body. He sustained severe nerve and tendon damage in his right arm. Mooring underwent multiple surgeries and several skin grafts to his arms and legs. Mooring also had to have a section of muscle and tendons removed from his back to help repair function to his right bicep.
Mooring v. Gonzalez
Brazos County

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Winningest Texas Law Firms

(since March 21, 2016; Texas plaintiff’s verdicts only; as reported by VerdictSearch)
Rank Firm Victories Total Recovery
1. Ben Abbott & Associates, PLLC 46 $993,533
2. Eberstein & Witherite 11 $379,946
3. Loncar & Associates 6 $187,956
4. Rad Law Firm 6 $2,689,022
5. Reaud, Morgan & Quinn 5 $308,903
6. Law Office of Domingo Garcia 5 $201,800
7. Law Offices of Richard J. Presutti 5 $91,524
8. Jim S. Adler & Associates 4 $1,615,964
9. Mukerji Law Firm 4 $161,841
10. Bergquist Law Firm 4 $55,297