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Texas Verdicts

Find out about the most important recent Texas cases, selected by VerdictSearch editors. Coverage includes Dallas, Harris and Tarrant counties.

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Family recovers $1.25M for engineer’s mesothelioma

The family of a man who worked for a helicopter manufacturer and died from mesothelioma recovered $1.25 million on their claim that it was years of asbestos exposure on the job that led to his death. Billy Dickson was a mechanical engineer for Bell Helicopter Textron for decades and he was exposted to asbestos for 11 years. The family claimed that Bell was grossly negligent because it learned that asbestos could result in fatal diseases, but took no steps to protect workers until 18 years after learning this. The jury awarded $8.8 million (actual damages of $1 million and punitive damages of $7.8 million). Actual damages are not recoverable, and punitive damages are capped at $1.25 million.
Dickson v. Georgia-Pacific LLC
Dallas County

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Jury sides with doctor blamed for death after surgery

A doctor wasn't responsible for a patient's post-operative death, a jury found. Robert Philips, 71, underwent surgery at Medical City Hospital that was performed by Dr. Brian Gogel. He died in recovery four days later from blood-fluid loss leading to arrhythmia and circulatory collapse. Gogel and the hospital were sued and settled before trial. The family also sued Dr. Kristen Casenave, who managed his atrial fibrillation and other issues after surgery. Defense counsel maintained that Casenave wasn't caring for Philips on the day he died. Counsel for Casenave also argued that Philips died because he was given too much morphine.
Philips v. Gogel
Dallas County

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Transit authority not liable for alleged collision

A jury sided with the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County that was sued for a collision that it claimed never occurred. Tineaka Pogues claimed that an articulated bus sideswiped her. The defense argued that the bus driver claimed his vehicle never made any contact with Pogues' vehicle. The defense noted that there was no physical evidence of damage to the bus. The defense also argued that Pogues left the scene before transit authority investigators and transit authority police arrived.
Pogues v. Metropolitan Transit Authority County
Harris County

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Largest Texas Jury Verdicts

(2017 only; based on cases reported to VerdictSearch)
$500,000,000 Zenimax Media Inc. v. Oculus VR Inc. Federal Feb 1
$23,658,833 Midwestern Cattle Marketing LLC v. Lyon Jack Jan 20
$20,000,000 Cioffi v. Google Inc. Federal Feb 10
$18,396,745(D) LDJH Ltd. v. Yellow Jacket Oilfield Services LLC Federal Apr 5
$9,177,483 Saint Lawrence Communications LLC v. Motorola Mobility LLC Federal Mar 24
$8,800,000 Dickson v. Georgia-Pacific LLC Dallas Mar 27
$6,387,500 Gomez v. Memorial Hermann Health System Harris Mar 29
$6,221,626 Beard Process Solutions Inc. v. Brandt Industrial LLC Dallas Feb 2
$6,095,000 Price v. Moncivais-Romero Dallas Mar 10
$3,566,000 Larsen v. Jones Travis Mar 3