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Pennsylvania Verdicts

Find out about the most important recent Pennsylvania cases, selected by VerdictSearch editors. Coverage includes Allegheny, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties.

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Trucker liable for drunk-driving accident

A trucker who was driving drunk and slammed into a pickup truck, severely injuring the other motorist, was held liable by a jury for $2 million. In November 2013, Francisco Ramos-Becerra, 44, was in the bed of his pickup truck on the shoulder of I-81, in Guildford Township, refueling. While doing so, he was rear-ended by the cab of a truck driven without its trailer. He suffered multiple injuries and claimed he was permanently disabled. The truck driver, Ricky Hatfield, was imprisoned for driving under the influence. Ramos-Becerra argued JB Hunt Transport Inc. was also liable, since Hatfield worked for the company as a contractor. JB Hunt argued Hatfield was between hauls at the time. The jury found Hatfield liable, but not JB Hunt.
Ramos-Becerra v. Hatfield
U.S. District Court, Middle District of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg

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Snack-maker settles overtime suit

Snack-maker Utz Quality Foods Inc. agreed to a $2.5 million settlement in a lawsuit brought by nearly 500 truck drivers who claimed they were owed millions of dollars in back pay. The drivers asserted the company had incorrectly classified them as exempt from the overtime pay requirements of federal law under the outside salespersons exemption, and thereby denied them overtime wages, in violation of the Federal Labor Standards Act. Utz contended the drivers were properly classified as exempt outside salespersons, whose primary duty was to make sales to the customers on their routes. The parties settled in the early stages of discovery. The company did not admit to liability.
Jurden v. Utz Quality Foods Inc.
U.S. District Court, Middle District of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg

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Hospital blamed for surgical needle left inside patient

In August 2012, Lois Clark, 73, had vaginal-prolapse surgery by OB-GYN Jose Manjon at Holy Spirit Hospital of the Sisters of Christian Charity, in Camp Hill. During the procedure, a surgical needle was mistakenly left inside her body. In January 2015, she was diagnosed with a bowel perforation and diverticulitis and the needle was removed. Clark sued Manjon, his practice, and Holy Spirit Hospital, alleging negligence. Clark and Holy Spirit Hospital entered a confidential settlement; however, due to Manjon's claims against the hospital, the hospital remained on the verdict slip and present at trial.The jury found the hospital 100 percent liable. No liability was found against Manjon. Clark was awarded $13,292.30.
Clark v. Manjon
Cumberland County

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Largest Pennsylvania Jury Verdicts

(2017 only; based on cases reported to VerdictSearch)
$88,000,000 Doe v. Task Dauphin County Jan 10
$14,484,490 Welker v. Carnevale Federal Jan 27
$10,000,000 Shimko v. Evans Luzerne County May 22
$4,035,329 Waite v. Argento Family Partnership York County Mar 17
$2,753,048 Snider v. Sterling Airways Inc. Federal Feb 21
$2,100,000 Horton v. Target Corp. Allegheny County Mar 10
$2,000,000 Niemynski v. Thorpe Clarion County Mar 3
$2,000,000 Ramos-Becerra v. Hatfield Federal Apr 21
$2,000,000 Westwood v. Lebovitz Allegheny County May 23
$1,868,987 Fuller v. Reliant Easton Holdings Northampton County Jan 20