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Pennsylvania Verdicts

Find out about the most important recent Pennsylvania cases, selected by VerdictSearch editors. Coverage includes Allegheny, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties.

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Boy hurt by foul ball awarded damages

A boy who suffered brain damage after being struck by a foul baseball was awarded more than $1.7 million by a jury. In April 2015, Zachary Hoffman, 11, was playing at Chadwick Field, in Sewickley. While he was in the dugout, the ball went through a gap in a fence and hit his left temple. He suffered a fractured skull, neurocognitive deficits and other health issues. Zachary sued the Borough of Sewickley and both ball teams, alleging they created a dangerous condition by allowing the gap in the fence. The jury found the borough was 40 percent liable, the opposing team, Quaker Valley Recreation Association, was 50 percent liable, and his own team, Avonworth Athletic Association, was 10 percent liable. Zachary was awarded $1,721,341.13.
Hoffman v Borough of Sewickley
Allegheny County

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Man burned by defective stove received $9M in damages

A man who was extensively burned by a malfunctioning stove was awarded more than $9 million in damages by a judge. In 2013, Luong Nguyen, 51, was reconnecting an Amba Super Gas Stove to a propane tank in his home, in Reading. After he turned a control knob, the gas ignited, shooting fireballs from the stove. Nguyen suffered severe burns and multiple complications. His prognosis, according to medical experts, was poor. Nguyen sued stove-manufacturer Ambaware Products Inc., a California-based, privately held company, alleging design defect and failure to warn. The court awarded Nguyen $9,315,648. Nguyen settled with the store that had sold the stove, Vinh Hung Enterprise Inc., with the store tendering its $1 million insurance policy.
Nguyen v Vinh Hung Enterprise Inc.
Philadelphia County

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Store customer sways jury after slip and fall

A store in Philadelphia was found liable for a customer’s slip and fall, which caused multiple injuries. In 2014, Nilsa Bruno, 30, a cosmetics consultant, was walking through the aisles of Supremo Supermarket, in Philadelphia. As she turned a corner, she slipped and fell on vegetable oil. She claimed sprains to her right wrist and right ankle and a tear of the cartilage of her right hand. She had painkilling injections, physical therapy and arthroscopy and debridement to her wrist. Bruno sued store-owner Castor Avenue Market LLC, alleging it allowed a dangerous condition. The store contended there was no evidence of how long the condition existed and that it took reasonable steps to ensure safety. The jury awarded Bruno $523,200.
Bruno v. Castor Avenue Market LLC
Philadelphia County

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Largest Pennsylvania Jury Verdicts

(2018 only; based on cases reported to VerdictSearch)
$40,258,000 Charlton v. Troy Delaware Co. Jan 23
$20,000,000 Kimble v. Laser Spine Institute - Philadelphia Chester Co. Mar 28
$5,715,964 Williams v. Aria Health Philadelphia Co. Mar 6
$3,654,000 Decus Inc. v. Heenan Federal Jan 30
$3,186,833 Degliomini v. Philadelphia Phillies Philadelphia Co. Mar 5
$3,000,000 Estate of DeGeorge v. Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital Delaware Co. Apr 6
$3,000,000 DeGeorge v. Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital Delaware Co. Apr 6
$1,748,743 Estate of Sanabria v. Anita's Place Inc. York Co. Mar 14
$1,621,000 Hoffman v. Borough of Sewickley Allegheny Co. Jan 31
$900,000 McCoy v. Kane Philadelphia Co. Feb 1