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Pennsylvania Verdicts

Find out about the most important recent Pennsylvania cases, selected by VerdictSearch editors. Coverage includes Allegheny, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties.

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Woman injured by unguarded meat-slicer blade wins damages

A jury awarded damages to a woman whose arm was lacerated by a meat slicer lacking a blade guard. In July 2013, Tanya Fuller, a delivery person, was retrieving the slicer from a nursing facility. An employee of Healthcare Services Group, a kitchen-services contractor, loaded the slicer on her van, without attaching the blade guard. He lost his balance and called for help. Fuller came over and reached past the slicer, the blade cutting her right arm, severing nine tendons, an artery, and two nerves. Fuller claimed the blade was a dangerous condition. The contractor argued she should have noticed the missing guard. The jury found Fuller 13 percent liable, the contractor 87 percent. Fuller received $1,868,987, which was reduced to $1,627,319.
Fuller v. Reliant Easton Holdings
Northampton County

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Jury compensates train conductor after derailment

Train company CSX Transportation Inc. was found liable in a personal injury lawsuit brought by a train conductor after a derailment. In July 2011, Alphonso Runco, 56, was operating a CSX train in Ohio when about 17 of the train’s 50 cars derailed. Runco was thrown about inside the locomotive. He claimed he struck his right knee, which led to a knee replacement and permanent restrictions which prevent him from working as a train conductor. Runco alleged the misaligned rail came under the Federal Employers Liability Act. He sought $89,000 in future medical costs, $291,180 in past wages and $395,173 in future wages. CSX argued the derailment did not exert enough force to cause the injury he claimed. The jury awarded Runco $642,976
Runco v. CSX Transportation Inc.
Allegheny County

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Family awarded $14.5M for severe birth injury

A doctor and hospital were found liable for causing severe birth defects in a newborn by negligent use of a labor-inducing drug. In July 2012, the infant was born with brain damage at Clearfield Hospital. The infant was diagnosed with injuries that include spastic tetraparetic cerebral palsy, seizure disorder, dysphagia, aphasia, and scoliosis. The parents sued Ob-Gyn Thomas Carnevale and the hospital, alleging negligence. They claimed it was unnecessary to use the drug Pitocin to stimulate contractions, the dose was too high, and it should have been stopped when the fetal heart rate was elevated. The jury found Carnevale 60 percent liable and the hospital 40 percent liable. The family was awarded $14,484,490.
Welker v. Carnevale
U.S. District Court, Western District of Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh

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Largest Pennsylvania Jury Verdicts

(2017 only; based on cases reported to VerdictSearch)
$88,000,000 Doe v. Task Dauphin County Jan 10
$14,484,490 Welker v. Carnevale Federal Jan 27
$4,035,329 Waite v. Argento Family Partnership York County Mar 17
$3,567,000 Dalmatia Import Group Inc. v. Foodmatch Inc. Federal Feb 24
$2,753,048 Snider v. Sterling Airways Inc. Federal Feb 21
$2,100,000 Horton v. Target Corp. Allegheny County Mar 10
$1,868,987 Fuller v. Reliant Easton Holdings Northampton County Jan 20
$868,430 Estate of Troilo v. Westmoreland County Housing Authority Westmoreland County Jan 5