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New York Verdicts

Find out about the most important recent New York cases, selected by VerdictSearch editors. Coverage includes Bronx, Kings, Queens, New York, Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester counties.

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City, landlord pay nearly $200 million for deadly fire

The city of New York and a Bronx landlord must pay a total of nearly $200 million to resolve a lawsuit stemming from a fire in which two firemen died and four others were injured. During the 2005 fire, the six firemen became trapped in an illegally subdivided apartment and had to jump from fourth-story windows to flee the blaze. The suit alleged that the men’s injuries would have been averted had the city not stopped providing safety ropes to firefighters years earlier. The jury assigned 80 percent liability to the city and 20 percent liability to the landlord, which had settled its share of the case for $50 million. The jury awarded $183,261,737. The city’s proportional share and the landlord’s settlement totaled about $196 million.
Stolowski v. 234 East 178th Street LLC
Bronx County

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Doc not liable for infant’s damaging hemorrhage, jury finds

A jury rejected a woman who claimed that her son’s pre-birth brain damage was a result of an obstetrician’s failure to perform prenatal tests. The injured boy, Blass Torres, was born 16 days after his mother had been found to be suffering hypertension and a urinary imbalance. The mother’s lawyer argued that those findings should have prompted performance of a biophysical profile, and he contended that the profile’s results would have led to an immediate delivery of Blass, before the onset of an in utero hemorrhage that caused brain damage. The defense contended that a biophysical profile was unnecessary and that the mother’s hypertension and urinary imbalance were non-issues. The jury found for the defense.
Torres v. Plakogiannis
New York County

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Con Edison, injured worker, settle dispute about job site

Consolidated Edison Company of New York Inc. agreed to pay $2 million to a worker who fell into an excavation ditch after being struck by a truck. The payment came during the sixth day of a trial in which the suit’s plaintiff, Anthony Tanico, contended that the ditch--created by Con Edison workers who were repairing a gas pipe--should have been covered by a plate. Tanico claimed that he tore a knee and developed severe neurological pain. Con Edison’s attorney contended that the truck’s driver precipitated the accident and that Tanico was standing in the truck’s path, but he ultimately agreed to settle the case. Tanico also recovered $250,000 via a pretrial settlement with the truck’s driver.
Tanico v. Consolidated Edison Company of New York
New York County

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Largest New York Settlements

(2016 only; based on cases reported by VerdictSearch)
$7,500,000 Anaya v. CF Beekman LLC New York Co. Jan 19
$7,400,000 Murray v. 502-12 86th Street LLC Kings Co. Mar 13
$7,300,000 Bungay v. Loft on Devoe LLC Kings Co. Jun 16
$7,000,000 San Giorgio v. Americon Construction Inc. New York Co. Jan 28
$6,000,000 Kupiec v. Morgan Contracting Corp. New York Co. May 10
$5,950,000 Sandhu v. Hudson Valley Emergency Medicine, PLLC Dutchess Co. Feb 26
$5,500,000 Drewes v. DF Stone Contracting Ltd. Nassau Co. Jan 20
$5,100,000 Latter v. Augustus Kings Co. Jan 11
$5,000,000 Lopez v. 550 Adler Realty RL LLC Bronx Co. Jan 11
$4,350,000 Korsunskiy v. Careful Bus Service Inc. Kings Co. Jan 11