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Find out about the most important recent New York cases, selected by VerdictSearch editors. Coverage includes Bronx, Kings, Queens, New York, Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester counties.

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Nurse not liable for 10-year-old patient’s burns, jury says

A nurse, convicted of having endangered the welfare of a child, was found not liable for the burns that the child was said to have sustained. The suit’s defendant, Natascha Tiger, was imprisoned after admitting that she failed to monitor the temperature of water while showering a disabled 10-year-old girl for whom she was caring on Nov. 23, 2011. With the criminal case having been decided, the child’s parents sued Tiger, seeking recovery of damages for burns of the child’s legs and abdomen. This time, Tiger prevailed. Her attorneys--not permitted to argue negligence in the civil court trial--convinced the jury that the child’s burns were not caused by hot water but were instead an allergic reaction to medication.
Farias-Alvarez v. Interim HealthCare of Greater New York
Orange County

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Man who claimed harassment led to shooting wins lawsuit

A jury awarded more than $1.3 million to a man who claimed that he was harassed and ultimately shot by a woman with whom he once resided in a Staten Island intentional community. The suit’s plaintiff, Jeffrey Gross, a former member of the Ganas intentional community, claimed that an ousted member, Rebekah Johnson, harassed and defamed him for two years by distributing materials alleging sexual misconduct by Gross and other members of Ganas, widely considered a commune. Gross claimed that Johnson ultimately resorted to violence by shooting him during the evening of May 29, 2006. Johnson was acquitted of the charge, but she lost Gross’ subsequent civil suit on both of its allegations: defamation and assault. Gross was awarded $1,305,000.
Gross v. Johnson
Richmond County

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Doc to pay S340K to patient who claimed bowel injury

A Brooklyn-based gynecologist agreed to pay $340,000 to a patient who claimed that the doctor perforated her colon while removing ovarian cysts. The payment settled a lawsuit filed by Magdalini Athanasiadias, who developed peritonitis and severe abdominal pain after undergoing a cystectomy in February 2010. Athanasiadias claimed that the surgeon, Dr. Eyad Khoury, damaged her colon and compounded the error by failing to check for a wound before concluding the surgery. She further claimed that she developed peritonitis and residual effects that led to permanent digestive difficulties. Khoury claimed that the perforation occurred after the surgery had been completed, but he ultimately agreed to a settlement on the eve of a trial.
Athanasiadias v. Khoury
Kings County

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Largest New York Settlements

(2014 only; based on cases reported by VerdictSearch)
$12,000,000 Jordan v. MTA Bus Co. New York Co. Feb 5
$8,800,000 Krluc v. City of New York Queens Co. Jan 7
$6,300,000 Petrides v. School Construction Authority Kings Co. Apr 1
$5,300,000 Fanning v. Rockefeller University New York Co. Apr 6
$4,500,000 John v. Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America Kings Co. Feb 25
$4,000,000 Escobar v. GFC Fifth Avenue Owner, LLC New York Co. Feb 12
$3,750,000 Estate of Tran v. Worthington Industries Inc. Kings Co. Feb 27
$3,500,000 Silva v. FC Beekman Associates, LLC Queens Co. Feb 11
$3,500,000 Hunt v. City of New York New York Co. May 22
$3,250,000 Tanasescu v. Cayuga Excavating Inc. Queens Co. Mar 24