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New York Verdicts

Find out about the most important recent New York cases, selected by VerdictSearch editors. Coverage includes Bronx, Kings, Queens, New York, Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester counties.

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Doctor defeats claim of improper infection control

An oral surgeon prevailed in a lawsuit filed by a patient who alleged that an infection was not properly addressed. The matter dates to March 2013, when Daniel Alvarado underwent extraction of an infected tooth. Alvarado’s infection subsequently spread to his trachea and necessitated further surgery. He fully recovered, but he later sued, alleging that the tooth extraction should have been delayed until his infection had resolved. He claimed that he endured unnecessary pain, suffering and surgery as a result of the infection’s spread. A jury sided with the defense, which argued that the extraction was immediately necessary and that Alvarado’s infection spread because he neglected to utilize an antibiotic that had been recommended.
Alvarado v. Manhattan Oral Facial Surgery, LLC
New York County

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Jury awards $1 million in school bullying case

A jury determined that a New York school district must pay $940,000 to a former student who endured years of bullying. The suit’s plaintiff, Anthony Motta, now 20, claimed that he was bullied throughout his four years at Eldred Junior-Senior High School, in Eldred. He claimed that bullies physically attacked him, destroyed his personal property and continually mocked him, but that the school’s staff did little beyond some failed attempts at mediation. The defense contended that Motta was just as much an aggressor in the bullying and that it properly addressed the bullying, but the jury found otherwise. It awarded $1 million, which included a total of $60,000 for a derivative claim by Motta’s parents.
Motta v. Eldred Central School District
Sullivan County

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No damages for man disappointed with surgery’s result

A jury rejected a man who sued for damages after plastic surgery left his nose scarred. The lawsuit was filed by Brian McBride, who was unhappy with the aesthetic result of a septorhinoplasty that was performed in 2012. The procedure involved reshaping of his septum and the interior of his nose, but the surgeon inadvertently inflicted a laceration that left a scar on the left side of the nose. The dispute proceeded to trial, where the parties’ medical experts debated whether a laceration of the exterior of the nose constitutes a departure from accepted medical care. The jury believed the defense’s contention that the laceration was a rare but medically accepted occurrence.
McBride v. Pearlman
New York County

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Largest New York Jury Verdicts

(2017 only; based on cases reported to VerdictSearch)
$75,000,000 Robaey v. Air & Liquid Systems Corp. New York Co. Jan 20
$71,000,000 Wang v. Sexton New York Co. Sep 28
$41,500,000 Frosch v. City of New York Queens Co. Oct 24
$37,397,513 Klupchak v. First East Village Associates New York Co. Mar 7
$33,500,000 Doomes v. Best Transit Corp. Bronx Co. Feb 7
$26,190,000 Buck v. Llopiz-Valle Kings Co. Oct 31
$20,000,000 Anisansel v. AB Volvo Kings Co. May 15
$19,850,000 McMillan v. City of New York Kings Co. May 15
$19,000,000 Zhou v. Tuxedo Ridge, LLC. Queens Co. Aug 21
$18,200,000 Zielinska v. Lutheran Medical Center Kings Co. Jul 19