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Find out about the most important recent New York cases, selected by VerdictSearch editors. Coverage includes Bronx, Kings, Queens, New York, Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester counties.

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Man rammed by subway’s moving platform, awarded $10 million

A jury awarded $10 million to a man who sustained fractures and organ perforations when his torso was trapped and repeatedly crushed by a subway station’s mechanical platform extender. The suit’s plaintiff, Michael Dion, fell between the permanent platform and a stopped train at a Manhattan subway station in December 2010. The platform extender, which bridges the gap between the platform and the train, activated and rammed Dion more than 150 times before he could be freed. Dion’s lawyer argued that the extender should have had a sensor that would have detected an obstruction and deactivated the device. A jury sided with Dion. It awarded $10 million, and Dion recovered an additional $343,655.65 for agreed-upon medical expenses.
Dion v. Metropolitan Transportation Authority
New York County

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Restaurant liable for meal that injured patron’s esophagus

A Manhattan restaurant must pay more than $1.3 million to a patron who suffered an esophageal abscess after inadvertently ingesting a metal bristle that was hidden in one of the eatery’s meals. In his lawsuit against the restaurant, the injured man contended that the accident was a result of the restaurant’s staff having used a cheap wire cleaning brush to scrub pots near a food-preparation area. He further contended that the brush was a shoddy utensil purchased at a hardware store and was not intended for use in restaurants. A jury ruled against the restaurant, but its award of slightly more than $1.5 million was reduced by $200,000 because the jury determined that the injured diner did not seek timely medical attention.
Brett v. 44th Street Restaurant LLC.
U.S. District Court, Southern District

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Plumber injured in stairway collapse, recovers $1.5 million

A plumber recovered about $1.5 million via settlement of a lawsuit stemming from an accident at a construction site. The matter dates to Feb. 26, 2008, when Anthony Marfoglio was installing plumbing in the basement of an unfinished home that was located in East Quogue. A newly installed staircase collapsed beneath Marfoglio’s feet, and Marfoglio claimed that he sustained injuries that required replacement of a knee, removal of a spinal disc, and surgical relief of carpal tunnel syndrome. In his suit against the site’s owner and the project’s general contractor, Marfoglio contended that the staircase had not been adequately secured. The defendants traded blame for the accident, but they ultimately agreed to a settlement to avoid a trial.
Marfoglio v. Meadowcrest Homes @ Greenville LLC.
Suffolk County

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Largest New York Jury Verdicts

(2016 only; based on cases reported to VerdictSearch)
$183,261,737 Stolowski v. 234 East 178th Street LLC Bronx Co. Feb 22
$50,000,000 Cruz v. St. Barnabas Hospital Bronx Co. Apr 13
$43,742,000 Tirpack v. 125 North10 LLC Kings Co. Apr 28
$23,000,000* Harding v. Czmielewski Kings Co. Nov 22
$18,753,391 Cabassa v. New York City Transit Authority New York Co. Jun 13
$13,500,000 DiCervo v. Brooklyn Bottling Corp Queens Co. Feb 9
$13,262,707 Barra v. Metropolitan Transportation Authority New York Co. Apr 29
$12,777,046 Burns v. 1 Bryant Park LLC Bronx Co. Jun 27
$12,759,661 Couillard v. Shaw Group Inc. New York Co. Apr 21
$12,535,261 Tarpley v. New York City Transit Authority Queens Co. Apr 15
* approximate