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New York Verdicts

Find out about the most important recent New York cases, selected by VerdictSearch editors. Coverage includes Bronx, Kings, Queens, New York, Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester counties.

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Jury says pathologist missed cancer, must pay $3.7 million

A jury ruled in favor of a man who claimed that a pathologist’s oversight allowed an eventually fatal spread of cancer. The matter dates to June 2012, when John Ficke underwent a biopsy of a lesion that occupied his sternum. Pathologist Dr. Asher Rabinowitz opined that the lesion was a benign mole. A year later, another biopsy revealed cancer in the same location. The disease had spread to a lymph node, and it was later found in a lung. Ficke is not expected to live more than five years. Ficke sued Rabinowitz. Ficke claimed that a recheck of the pathology Rabinowitz analyzed showed evidence of cancer. Rabinowitz contended that his diagnosis was correct, but the jury found otherwise. It awarded damages of $3,706,000.
Ficke v. Rabinowitz
Nassau County

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Worker recovers $750K for brain injury sustained in fall

A demolition worker recovered $750,000 for injuries sustained when he fell through a floor while operating a front-end loader. The payment settled a lawsuit filed by Daniel Sanchez-Lopez, who was driving a front-end loader on the second floor of a dilapidated Brooklyn warehouse when the floor collapsed beneath him. He plummeted to the first floor and sustained skull fractures that caused contusions of his brain. An inspection later revealed that the second floor’s supporting bars had rotted. The suit’s parties debated whether the bars’ condition could have been detected beforehand. During pendency of a motion for dismissal, the parties negotiated a settlement paid by Sanchez-Lopez’s employer, Atweek Inc.
Sanchez-Lopez v. 363 Prospect Place LLC
Kings County

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Town not liable for boater’s fall at marina

A Long Island town prevailed in a lawsuit filed by a man who was injured while boarding a boat at one of the town’s marinas. The suit’s plaintiff, Frank Valeriano, fell forward while attempting to enter a boat that was docked at Atlantique Marina, in East Islip. Valeriano claimed that a ferry’s wake shook the boat and caused his fall. He sustained a fracture of a wrist. Valeriano’s lawyer argued that the town should have installed ladders at the dock’s slips. The town contended that Valeriano was an experienced boater who should have been aware of the hazards typically encountered at docks. The town also contended that boaters are responsible for providing the means of accessing their boats. The jury found no evidence of negligence.
Valeriano v. Town of Islip
Suffolk County

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Largest New York Settlements

(2015 only; based on cases reported by VerdictSearch)
$10,587,810 Dryer v. Musacchio Madison Co. Feb 18
$9,000,000 Williams v. NYCH & H Corp. Kings Co. May 26
$7,525,000 Trinca v. Vonfricken Suffolk Co. Mar 10
$7,000,000 Labatto v. Genting New York LLC New York Co. Feb 10
$7,000,000 Marks v. Astoria Energy II LLC Queens Co. Jan 13
$5,750,000 DelGreco v. New York City Transit Authority Queens Co. Jan 7
$5,400,000 Devine v. Ferzli Kings Co. Apr 23
$5,000,000 James v. Southwest Fixture Installers Inc. New York Co. Mar 31
$3,500,000 Gordek v. Riggio Suffolk Co. Jan 12
$3,250,000 DiMaggio v. MTA Kings Co. Jan 20
$3,250,000 Ronda v. Consolidated Edison Company of New York Inc. Kings Co. Apr 2