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Find out about the most important recent New York cases, selected by VerdictSearch editors. Coverage includes Bronx, Kings, Queens, New York, Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester counties.

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Government to pay $4.6M for accident at postal facility

A judge found that the U.S. government was liable for an accident in which a bicyclist was crushed and killed by a U.S. Postal Service truck. The accident occurred on July 2, 2011, alongside a postal facility on West 29th Street, in Manhattan. The victim, Marilyn Dershowitz, 68, had to ride around a large trailer that was extending onto the roadway from the postal facility’s loading dock. Dershowitz’s husband, who witnessed the accident, claimed that his wife was forced to ride into the path of a 7-ton mail truck. Mr. Dershowitz sued the U.S. government, alleging negligent operation of the truck and the parked trailer. Judge Sarah Netburn ruled for the estate on both prongs of the claim, and she awarded $4,646,548.15.
Estate of Dershowitz v. United States of America
U.S. District Court, Southern District

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Orthopedist found liable for patient’s fatal embolism

A Scarsdale-based orthopedist must pay $770,000 to the estate of a patient who suffered a fatal pulmonary embolism. The matter dates to Dec. 25, 2009, when Elissa Bogucki sought treatment of a knee injury. Orthopedist Dr. Eric Gordon provided a brace. On Jan. 20, 2010, Bogucki died of cardiac arrest caused by a pulmonary embolism. Her family sued Gordon, claiming that his brace caused prolonged immobilization resulting in a thrombosis that became the fatal pulmonary embolism. The estate alleged that Gordon should have administered medication to prevent a thrombosis. Gordon claimed that the brace did not immobilize Bogucki and that her thrombosis was not related to the brace’s use. The jury found malpractice and awarded $770,000.
Estate of Bogucki v. Lawrence Hospital Center
Westchester County

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Jury finds boss reneged on profit-sharing deal, awards $64K

A jury ordered a West Nyack-based business owner to pay nearly $65,000 to a former employee who alleged that he was cheated out of a profit-sharing deal. The suit’s plaintiff, Andrew Naclerio, claimed that he agreed to provide estimating work for his girlfriend’s contracting business in exchange for half of the profits. Naclerio alleged that his girlfriend withheld payment, claiming that the company was not profitable while simultaneously using its funds to pay for her mortgage and a vacation. He also claimed that when she ultimately did issue a paycheck, she emptied the company’s checking account so the check would bounce. The jury found that Naclerio’s girlfriend breached a compensation agreement, and it awarded damages of $64,296.56.
Naclerio v. Barker
Rockland County

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Winningest New York Law Firms

(since Sept. 17, 2014; New York plaintiff’s verdicts only; as reported by VerdictSearch)
1. The Law Offices of Eric H. Green & Associates 11 $10,166,550
2. Sullivan Papain Block McGrath & Cannavo P.C. 6 $12,604,000
3. Burns & Harris 5 $4,123,000
4. Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff, LLP 5 $1,683,710
5. Wingate, Russotti, Shapiro & Halperin, LLP 4 $3,333,000
6. Law Offices of James J. McCrorie, P.C 3 $16,242,900
7. Block O'Toole & Murphy, LLP 3 $9,978,916
8. Law Offices of Daniel A. Thomas, P.C. 3 $5,910,000
9. Finkelstein & Partners, LLP 3 $2,424,535
10. Harmon Linder & Rogowsky 3 $665,000