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New York Verdicts

Find out about the most important recent New York cases, selected by VerdictSearch editors. Coverage includes Bronx, Kings, Queens, New York, Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester counties.

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Doctor defeats patient’s claim of overlooked pregnancy

A Manhattan-based obstetrician prevailed in a suit alleging that he failed to diagnose a patient’s ectopic pregnancy. The suit’s plaintiff, Francine Ingrassia, claimed that the oversight allowed the nonviable pregnancy to linger longer than it should have, necessitating surgery that, according to Ingrassia, involved removal of a fallopian tube. Ingrassia claimed that a simple blood test would have detected the pregnancy and led to a nonsurgical resolution, but that the test was not performed. The doctor contended that he performed appropriate tests, that Ingrassia’s surgery did not involve removal of a fallopian tube and that Ingrassia had expressed a desire to have her tubes blocked in any event. The jury found no evidence of malpractice.
Ingrassia v. Herzog
Kings County

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Laborer hurt in 20-foot fall, recovers $1 million

A laborer who fell through an open roof at a renovation site recovered $1 million via a settlement of his resultant lawsuit. The matter dates to June 18, 2013, when Elio Guaraca worked at a warehouse in the Unionport section of the Bronx. While applying insulation on the exterior surface of a roof, Guaraca fell through an opening created for a skylight. He plummeted some 20 feet, landed on a floor, and sustained fractures of his face, an elbow and a wrist. Guaraca sued the site’s owner, alleging that proper safety measures had not been undertaken. The defense contended that a safety harness was available and that Guaraca had not been asked to install insulation. During pendency of motions to dismiss, the parties negotiated a settlement.
Guaraca v. M.L.C. Black Rock Management Corp.
Queens County

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Jury awards nothing to man who underwent spinal surgeries

A jury rejected a man who claimed that injuries sustained in an automobile accident led to two spinal surgeries. The suit was filed by Jose Capellan, whose vehicle was struck from behind while he was stopped in a Yonkers intersection in February 2012. Capellan claimed that he sustained injuries that necessitated fusion of portions of his spine’s cervical and lumbar regions. The defense contended that Capellan’s injuries dated to a motor-vehicle accident that occurred in 2004. The defense also contended that the instant accident was a result of Capellan stopping abruptly and unexpectedly. The jury sided with Capellan for liability, but it denied damages, finding that Capellan was not seriously injured in the instant accident.
Capellan v. Eastern Concrete Materials Inc.
Westchester County

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Largest New York Jury Verdicts

(2015 only; based on cases reported to VerdictSearch)
$218,500,000 Sokolow v. Palestine Liberation Organization Federal Feb 23
$118,000,000 Buchwald v. Renco Group Inc. Federal Feb 27
$25,200,000 Sims v. City of NY Kings Co. Mar 13
$14,768,000 Humareda v. 500A East 87th Street, LLC New York Co. Apr 14
$10,550,000 Chisholm v. R.T. Vanderbilt Co. Inc. Schenectady Co. Feb 11
$9,000,000 Ramos v. Bartis Nassau Co. Mar 23
$5,700,000 Brenner v. Mosholu Preservation Corp Bronx Co. Feb 5
$4,000,000 Dominick v. A O Smith Water Products Oneida Co. Mar 18
$3,950,000 Graham v. City of New York Kings Co. Jan 14
$3,875,000 Porter v. Home Depot U.S.A. Inc. Federal Jan 20