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New Jersey Verdicts

Find out about the most important recent New Jersey cases, selected by VerdictSearch editors. Coverage includes Essex, Hudson and Middlesex counties.

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Mother wins $45M in child abuse case

Two doctors who failed to detect abuse of an infant boy were found liable for malpractice by a jury. In November 2005, Sabrina Bonilla brought her infant son to South Jersey Regional Medical Center, in Vineland, complaining he couldn’t straighten his right leg and would cry when the leg was touched. X-rays were taken but no fracture was noted. Several weeks later, Bonilla returned with the infant, who was diagnosed with fractures to the skull, ribs, and right leg. The father was charged with abuse. Bonilla alleged the fractured leg should have been diagnosed. The jury awarded Bonilla $45 million. It found the father 60 percent at fault. Doctors Ilmia Choudhary and Dominc Diorio were found 35 percent and 5 percent at fault, respectively.
Burgos-Bonilla v. Diorio
Gloucester County

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Woman mauled by dog awarded damages

A Morris County jury awarded a woman damages for injuries sustained in a dog attack. In July 2012, Jennifer Reid, 39, was at the house of friends in Denville. They had asked her to watch the dog, a German Shepherd/Chow Chow mix. As she stood up from a chair, the dog jumped, bit Reid's face, and knocked her back into the chair. Reid escaped only after hitting the dog repeatedly. She had a chin laceration about 3 inches long, which required sutures, and herniations at two intervertebral discs, with radiculopathy. Reid alleged violation of New Jersey's Dog Bite Statute and brought claims under a theory of premises liability. Reid was awarded $750,000 in damages while her husband received $100,000 for his loss of consortium claim.
Reid v. Burdorf
Morris County

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Fire department retaliated against inspector

A jury awarded a fire inspector in Elizabeth almost $2 million in an employment retaliation suit. In February 2014, Fred Bonda, a fire inspector in his late 50s, retired from the Elizabeth Fire Department. He claimed he retired because of harassment and retaliation directed at him for his refusal to turn a blind eye to certain businesses violating the fire-safety code. The fire department denied Bonda's allegations, maintaining that the businesses had abated the fire hazards due to Bonda's own inspections. The department also insisted that Bonda was denied a promotion for legitimate reasons. The jury awarded Bonda $1,075,000 and $1 million in punitive damages.
Bonda v. Elizabeth Fire Department
Union County

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Largest New Jersey Jury Verdicts:

(2017 only; based on cases reported to VerdictSearch)
$51,560,000 Braden v. Lockheed Martin Corp. Federal Jan 26
$45,000,000 Bonilla v. Diorio Gloucester County Feb 17
$5,150,000 Polt v. Kroon Somerset County Jan 17
$3,766,417 Electrospec Inc. v. New Jersey Micro-Electronic Testing Inc. Passaic County Mar 28
$2,075,000 Bonda v. Elizabeth Fire Department Union County Mar 27
$850,000 Reid v. Burdorf Morris County Feb 21
$650,000 Mazgut v. Wilder Somerset County Jan 6
$350,000 Park v. Bae Bergen County May 9
$150,000 Hester v. Bharrat Essex County Jan 3
$150,000 Kazaba v. Randolph Township Board of Education Morris County Apr 20