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New Jersey Verdicts

Find out about the most important recent New Jersey cases, selected by VerdictSearch editors. Coverage includes Essex, Hudson and Middlesex counties.

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Delivery-truck driver receives $5M for loading-dock accident

A delivery-truck driver received a $5 million settlement from a bakery in Turnersville for injuries incurred at its loading dock. In March 2013, Michael Wagenbaur, 44, parked his truck at Aversa's Italian Bakery, to pick up an order of bread. After he stepped out and rearranged racks in the back, a bakery employee entered the truck and drove it foreward, to let another vehicle leave. Wagenbaur was thrown to the ground. He required 15 surgeries after fracturing his right leg, among other injuries, and now relies on a cane or wheelchair. Wagenbaur alleged the bakery was negligent in supervising the dock, and its employee was negligent by moving the truck without warning. The defense argued Wagenbaur negligently allowed his idling truck to block traffic.
Wagenbaur v. Aversa's Bakery
Gloucester County

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Jury rejects claims that asbestos in cigarettes, talc caused death

The daughter of a smoker who died of mesothelioma failed to persuade a jury that the disease was caused by asbestos in Kent cigarette filters in the 1950s or in talc at a cosmetics factory where he worked. After Michael Argento’s death, at age 78, in 2013, his daughter sued a number of companies, but all were dismissed, except Lorillard Tobacco Co., filter-materials supplier Hollingsworth & Vose Co., and talc-maker Whittaker Clark & Daniels Inc. The suit claimed failure to warn and design defect. Lorillard and Hollingsworth argued Argento did not smoke Kents when there was asbestos filters; that asbestos danger was unknown in 1950s; and that filters released minimal asbestos, if any. Whittaker Clark denied its talc contained asbestos.
Estate of Argento v. Charles B. Chrystal Co. Inc.
Camden County

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Healthcare company pays $3.2M after nurse puts infant in scalding bath

A home-healthcare company agreed to a $3.2 million settlement with the guardian of an infant who was severely burned when a nurse accidentally placed the child in a scalding bath. In June 2014, Destiny Abdelmalak, an 18-month-old girl who had been prematurely born, was under the care of nurse Ellen Ejimkanye, in Jersey City. After Ejimkanye drew a bath, she began to place the infant in the tub. Abdelmalak sustained second- and third-degree burns to her feet and ankles. Her guardian alleged negligence against Ejimkanye and employer Stouffer's Home Care. The defense argued the hot water was an unforeseeable accident, and Ejimkanye said she had checked the water. Ejimkanye was later charged with neglect and lost her nurse license.
Khella v. Ejimkanye
Hudson County

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$2,075,000 Bonda v. Elizabeth Fire Department Union County Mar 27
$850,000 Reid v. Burdorf Morris County Feb 21
$650,000 Mazgut v. Wilder Somerset County Jan 6
$150,000 Hester v. Bharrat Essex County Jan 3