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Find out about the most important recent New Jersey cases, selected by VerdictSearch editors. Coverage includes Essex, Hudson and Middlesex counties.

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Bus driver awarded damages after collision with school bus

A commuter-bus driver who collided with a school bus was awarded $975,000 for his injuries. In January 2013, Daniel Jean-Pierre, 46, was steering a bus in the right shoulder/bus lane north on Route 9, in Old Bridge. A school bus pulled ahead on the left side and turned right, in front of him, onto Arcade Lane. Jean-Pierre's bus struck the school bus, which flipped on its side. Jean-Pierre's bus struck a tree. He suffered right-leg fractures. Jean-Pierre alleged Tracy DeHart made an improper turn and the school district was negligent in its training. Defense counsel argued that turning right from the right lane was acceptable and that DeHart had the right-of-way. The jury found DeHart 70 percent liable and the board of education 30 percent.
Jean-Pierre v. Old Bridge Township Board of Education
Middlesex County

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Employer pays victim of employee driving on heroin

A woman who was a passenger in a pickup truck when her boyfriend, under the influence of heroin, lost control at the wheel and crashed, received $1.3 million from his employer. In July 2015, Brittany Dean, 38, was a riding with David Uhland in Upper Deerfield. Uhland crossed into oncoming traffic and hit another vehicle. He was killed, and Dean claimed multiple injuries, including to her face, spine, legs and pelvis. She sued Uhland's estate and his employer, English Sewage Disposal. She asserted the company, knowing of Uhland's drug use, should not have let him drive a work vehicle. English Sewage argued Uhland was driving for personal use on a weekend evening. The parties settled in mediation. Uhland's estate did not reply to the suit.
Dean v. Estate of David Uhland
Cumberland County

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Motorcyclist who lost leg in crash receives $4 million

A motorcyclist received $4.3 million from a car driver after a collision led to a partial amputation of his leg. In September 2015, Michael Plaszczymaka, 55, was riding on Minebrook Road, in Bernardsville. As he crossed Whiteknack Road, a car pulled forward to make a left turn and struck the right side of his motorcycle. Plaszczymaka suffered displaced fractures of the tibia and fibula of his right leg, requiring a below-the-knee amputation. He also suffered a torn supraspinatus tendon of the right rotator cuff, and psychological trauma. Plaszczymaka alleged the driver, Lei Fu, failed to yield to traffic before making a turn. Fu argued that Plaszczymaka was speeding, which caused the collision. Before trial, Fu agreed to a settlement.
Plaszczymaka v. Fu
Somerset County

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Largest New Jersey Jury Verdicts:

(2017 only; based on cases reported to VerdictSearch)
$51,560,000 Braden v. Lockheed Martin Corp. Federal Jan 26
$45,000,000 Bonilla v. Diorio Gloucester County Feb 17
$5,150,000 Polt v. Kroon Somerset County Jan 17
$3,766,417 Electrospec Inc. v. New Jersey Micro-Electronic Testing Inc. Passaic County Mar 28
$2,075,000 Bonda v. Elizabeth Fire Department Union County Mar 27
$2,000,000 Encalada v. Rock Ridge Construction Management Inc. Essex County Apr 18
$1,200,000 Davis v. Allstate Insurance Co. Atlantic County Jan 19
$975,000 Jean-Pierre v. Old Bridge Township Board of Education Middlesex County May 10
$850,000 Reid v. Burdorf Morris County Feb 21
$650,000 Mazgut v. Wilder Somerset County Jan 6