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Man denied posting nude photo of ex-girlfriend after breakup

A woman who alleged that her ex-boyfriend posted a pornographic photo of her online after they broke up was unable to convince a jury of her claims. Sharlotte Kolanowski said that a naked photo of her was published to her online dating account after her breakup with Christopher Buccuri. She claimed Buccuri was the person who posted the photo and sued him for defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress. Buccuri denied the allegations. He contended that he never had access to Kolanowski’s password to the dating site and could not have posted the picture. He also argued that the picture, while provocative, was not pornographic. He further maintained that Kolanowski was unable to present any proof that he had posted the photo.
Kolanowski v. Buccuri
Genesee County

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Man’s post-operative death was not due to negligence: doctor

A doctor who was sued for negligence following a patient’s death was found not to have breached the standard of care and a no cause of action was entered. James Lee Cole died at his home five days after leg surgery performed by Michael Shingles, D.O. The cause of death was attributed to pulmonary thromboembolic disease. Cole’s estate argued that Shingles should have prescribed an anticoagulant for Cole upon discharge to prevent the development of deep vein thrombosis. Shingles claimed proper measures were taken while Cole was in the hospital to prevent and/or reduce the risk of DVT and that prescription of an anticoagulant would not have significantly reduced the risk of DVT. Shingles also noted that he was not the discharging physician.
Estate of Cole v. Shingles
Ingham County

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Dementia was not caused by underlying accident: defense

A jury awarded $38,495 to a woman who claimed a head injury and the development of dementia after an auto accident. Georganna Rodgers was walking across a road in Lenawee when she was hit by a vehicle operated by Michael Allen Curtis. Curtis, who was uninsured, was dismissed from the case, which was defended by Rodgers’ personal injury protection carrier, Auto Owners Insurance Company. Rodgers sought 24/7 attendant care benefits related to her accident injuries. Liability was not an issue, but the defense presented experts to dispute causation of the dementia. The experts claimed the dementia pre-existed the accident. They also disputed the amount of attendant care needed, arguing that Rodgers only needed assistance for six hours per day.
Rodgers v. Curtis
Lenawee County

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