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Illinois Verdicts

Find out about the most important recent Illinois cases, selected by VerdictSearch editors. Coverage includes Cook County.

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Jury awards man hit in face by brick

A man who was struck in the face with a brick at the entrance to a house party was awarded $89,740. Stefan Zlatev went to a friend's apartment with others one night. A man who was throwing a party on the second floor of that building told them they couldn't enter the building without paying a $10 cover charge. Zlatev and his friends refused to pay, and a group of men from the party came downstairs. A fight ensued. One of the men allegedly hit Zlatev with the brick, causing facial fractures. He sustained multiple fractures of his left eye socket that required facial reconstruction surgery.
Zlatev v. Gianfortune
Cook County

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Driver claiming permanent neck injury awarded $1.6M

A jury awarded $1.6 million to a driver who claimed that she sustained a permanent neck injury in a rear-ender. Krystle Muntean was hit by Ricardo Rubio, who stipulated to liability. Muntean was diagnosed with post-concussion syndrome, cervicalgia and occipital neuralgia. She's not a surgical candidate, but she continues to see a pain management specialist and treat with pain medication. She claimed that she suffers from debilitating headaches that require her to rest until they pass. Also, neck pain makes caring for her young children difficult, she said. Her award included $510,000 for future medical expenses.
Muntean v. AJF Wholesale Corp.
Cook County

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Ironworker’s shoulder injury results in $1.16M settlement

An ironworker who tore his rotator cuff in a slippery fall agreed to a $1.16 million settlement. Jeffrey Acker was working at a basement construction site when he slipped on bentonite, a waterproof clay that forms a barrier between dirt and concrete. Acker claimed that the contractor had an obligation to maintain a hazard-free work area. He alleged that the contractor should have covered the bentonite so it wouldn’t get wet. He claimed that he had complained and was told that the problem would be remedied. Acker underwent two shoulder surgeries, and he was unable to return to full-duty ironworking. Plaintiff's counsel maintained that he might require another surgery.
Acker v. W.E. O'Neil Construction Co.
Cook County

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