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Georgia Verdicts

Find out about the most important recent Georgia cases, selected by VerdictSearch editors. Coverage includes Fulton, DeKalb and Gwinnett counties.

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Plaintiff wasn’t properly briefed on go-kart safety, per lawsuit

A jury determined that Tanisha Marshall, who was injured in a go-kart collision at Andretti Indoor Karting and Games in Roswell, had damages totaling $2 million. However, the award was reduced to $1,280,000 due to an apportionment of liability whereby the jury determined that the amusement ride owner, AIKG LLC, was 64 percent at fault for the accident. The remaining 36-percent liability was split between Marshall and the other go-kart driver who was involved in the accident. Marshall had filed suit against AIKG alleging that it failed to brief her on safety issues. She also argued that AIKG failed to maintain its rides in a reasonably safe condition. Marshall’s injuries included bilateral ankle fractures and a closed head injury.
Marshall v. AIKG LLC
Fulton County

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Passenger claimed cruise ship failed to warn of open hatch

Robert Lowie, a passenger on the Emerald Princess II casino ship in Brunswick, was awarded $2,235,850 for injuries he suffered when he fell 10 feet through an open hatch while walking on the vessel. Those injuries included head and back injuries. Lowie sued Golden Isles Cruise Lines, Inc., which owns and operates the Emerald Princess II, for negligence in failing to properly maintain the vessel in a reasonably safe condition. Lowie also argued that the cruise ship failed to warn him of the danger of the open hatch, which had been left open by a crew member who was making repairs in the engine department. Golden Isles defended the case by arguing that the open hatch was an open and obvious condition that Lowie should have avoided.
Lowie v. Golden Isles Cruise Lines Inc.
Glynn County

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Brain damage was due to delay in treatment, plaintiff alleged

A jury awarded $26 million in a malpractice case in which Sandra Williams suffered blindness and brain damage. Williams, who had recently undergone cervical disc surgery, developed a post-operative neck hematoma/blood clot. It was alleged that the on-call orthopedic surgeon, Erik Westerland, failed to treat the clot, resulting in the clot compressing Williams’ trachea and closing off her airway, depriving her brain of oxygen. St. Francis Hospital was found liable for Westerlund’s negligence. Dr. Westerlund himself was no longer a defendant at the time of trial as he had previously settled with Williams for undisclosed terms. Another doctor who had also been accused of negligence, pulmonologist Christopher Tidwell, was found not liable.
Williams v. St. Francis Hospital
Muscogee County

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