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Florida Verdicts

Find out about the most important recent Florida cases, selected by VerdictSearch editors. Coverage includes Miami-Dade, Palm Beach and Pinellas counties.

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Plaintiff awarded damages for rear-ender

A jury awarded damages to a driver who was injured in a collision in North Fort Lauderdale. In July 2014, Daniel Garcia, 26, was driving a sport utility vehicle west on Commercial Boulevard. While stopped at a red light at West Prospect Road, his SUV was rear-ended by a Toyota Prius. He claimed the impact aggravated a herniated disc in his lower spine. He also alleged the other driver, Mark Rance, was negligent, and his employer, X-Ray Copy Service Inc., was vicariously liable. The defense asserted Garcia had started to pull forward but suddenly stopped, to avoid striking the pedestrian. Garcia denied that there was a pedestrian or that he stopped abruptly. The jury found the defendants were negligent and awarded Garcia $254,460.
Garcia v. Rance
Broward County

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Jury faults both drivers in Miami collision

After a collision which sent a motor-scooter rider 30 feet across Biscayne Boulevard, a Miami jury found both drivers at fault. In April 2014, Oswaldo Rojas Perez, 38, was driving his scooter south on the boulevard when a sport utility vehicle pulled out from a parking lot on his right, forcing him to lay down his scooter. He was thrown into the air and his Vespa slid about 80 feet. Rojas Perez claimed severe injuries to his shoulders and spine. The other driver, Richard Wolfson, asserted that he had looked to his left but did not see Rojas Perez, who had been speeding (Rojas Perez denied speeding). The jury found the drivers were each 50 percent liable. Rojas Perez was awarded $2.5 million, which was reduced to $1.25 million.
Perez v. Wolfson
Miami-Dade County

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County denied responsibility for plaintiff's sidewalk fall

A jury found a sidewalk maintainer was not to blame for a pedestrian's fall. In 2012, Svitlana Drozdovska, then 58, was walking on a sidewalk along Lake of the Woods Boulevard, in Casselberry, when she tripped and fell. She claimed the fall caused a partial lateral meniscus tear of the right knee, requiring a meniscectomy. Drozdovska alleged that Seminole County inspected the sidewalk in 2009, so it should have been aware of the cracked condition, but that it failed to make repairs. Seminole County claimed the inspection was on a different area of the sidewalk, so it had no notice of the condition, and that Drozdovska was at fault for failing to see the obvious condition. It also claimed the meniscus tear was not caused by trauma.
Drozdovska v. Seminole County, Florida
Seminole County

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$43,967,234 Veranda Condominium I, LLC v. Wachovia Mortgage Corp. Broward County Mar 2
$23,065,991 Alamo-Cruz v. Affordable Treemen Inc. Broward County Feb 14
$21,585,148 Lazard v. Lifemark Hospitals of Florida Inc. Miami-Dade County Apr 20
$15,000,000 Lima v. R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. Hillsborough County Apr 21
$10,003,940 Rainey v. Roop Lee County Feb 14
$9,367,742 Machado v. Rodriguez Miami-Dade County Mar 6
$8,018,536 Roundtree v. Schutz Volusia County Mar 24
$7,000,000 Johnson v. NCL (Bahamas) Ltd. Federal Apr 10