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Florida Verdicts

Find out about the most important recent Florida cases, selected by VerdictSearch editors. Coverage includes Miami-Dade, Palm Beach and Pinellas counties.

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Man hurt during pre-dawn car repossession gets $359,253

A couple recovered $359,253 for hip, neck and back injuries the husband claimed resulted from an incident with a repo agent. Daniel Smith, then 58, received a knock on the door of his Fort Myers home at 3:45 a.m. by the agent, who told him he was repossessing his auto. As the agent drove off, Smith's arm bracelet got caught on the car's passenger's side mirror. He claimed he was current on his car payments and the agent refused to provide any proof that he was entitled to take the car. Defense counsel argued that Smith was comparatively negligent by jumping on the side of the moving car. The jury found the agent 70 percent liable and Smith 30 percent liable, reducing the $513,219 award (which included $100,000 for Smith's wife) accordingly.
Smith v. Coast to Coast Recovery of South Florida Inc.
Lee County

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Family gets almost $14.9M for gas explosion death, injuries

A jury awarded nearly $14.9 million to the family of a man who died when a natural gas explosion ignited in the home's laundry room. Michael Blanchard, 49, and his partner, Fay Boroughs, then in her 40s, were renting in Destin. When Boroughs turned on the furnace, natural gas escaped through an uncapped gas outlet into the laundry room. The accumulation of gas was ignited minutes later. Blanchard suffered extensive burns and died three weeks later. Boroughs sustained serious burns, but survived. She alleged that an open gas line was located where a gas dryer used to be. The defendants denied liability. The jury found that the alleged gas line installer, the dryer installer, the home's gas provider, and the former homeowners were liable.
Estate of Blanchard v. Panhandle Plumbing Inc.
Okaloosa County

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Docs found not liable for death from spinal fluid buildup

A jury found that two Wellington Regional Medical Center residents and a doctor they consulted were not negligent in their treatment of a woman who died from a spinal fluid buildup. Heather Bradford, 30, was taken to the hospital after suffering headaches, nausea, vomiting and a seizure. She was declared brain-dead 18 hours later. The estate claimed Bradford, who had a retroperitoneal shunt implanted in her brain as a child due to an excess buildup of cerebrospinal fluid, wasn't properly diagnosed. It claimed the shunt that drained fluid from her brain had failed, requiring immediate surgery. Defense counsel claimed the doctors were relying on a flawed analysis of a CT scan, which indicated Bradford's shunt was not obstructed or had failed.
Estate of Bradford v. Siddiqui
Palm Beach County

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Largest Florida Jury Verdicts

(since Jan. 1, 2014; based on cases reported to VerdictSearch)
$21,700,000 Estate of Karoussos v. Port Lucaya Marina Co. Ltd. Broward Co. Feb. 10
$21,000,000 American Bridge Bahamas, LTD v. Ritz-Carlton Hotel Co. Miami-Dade Co. May 14
$20,870,200 Estate of Wisekal v. Laboratory Corporation of America Palm Beach Co. Apr. 16
$19,252,039 Tenney v. Inphynet South Broward Inc. Broward Co. May 22
$14,887,641 Estate of Blanchard v. Panhandle Plumbing Inc. Okaloosa Co. Mar. 25
$12,663,107 Hendrix v. Burford's Tree Inc. Escambia Co. May 23
$12,500,000 CE v. Myers Lake Co. Jan. 18
$12,500,000 Cuculino v. R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. Miami-Dade Co. Jan. 17
$12,000,000 Estate of Wheeler v. D.A.B. Constructors Inc. Citrus Co. Jan. 22
$11,165,569 Wilde v. Okeechobee Aerie 4137, Fraternal Order of Eagles Inc. Okeechobee Co. May 16