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Florida Verdicts

Find out about the most important recent Florida cases, selected by VerdictSearch editors. Coverage includes Miami-Dade, Palm Beach and Pinellas counties.

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School’s transfer of whistleblower not retaliatory

A jury ruled that a Miami school board’s decision to transfer a whistleblowing teacher was not retaliatory. In October 2013, Trevor Colestock, 38, a library employee at Miami Norland Senior High School, was involuntarily transferred to another, nearby school after he took part in investigating and reporting on teaching-assisted cheating among students. Colestock alleged he was transferred for his actions, in violation of the Florida Public Whistleblower Act and his First Amendment freedom of speech. The school board argued the transfer was not done in retaliation but in the best interests of the school system, because there were protests and threats against Colestock. The jury agreed.
Colestock v School Board of Miami-Dade County
Miami-Dade County

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Contractor not liable for damage to Palm City home

A contracting company which installed plumbing to a large new home in Palm City was found not liable for extensive water damage after one of the toilets' water lines ruptured. In 2014, Privilege Underwriters Reciprocal Exchange paid $192,000 to the homeowners for the damage, which included the ceilings and walls of several bedrooms, which had to be replaced. As subrogee of the homeowners, the insurer sued Aqua Dimensions Plumbing Services Inc., alleging a worker had over-tightened a plastic wingnut on a second-floor toilet, leading to the rupture. The contractor argued that the experienced plumber would not have made such an error. In addition, other contractors had been in the house since the leak. The jury found the contractor not liable.
Privilege Underwriters Reciprocal Exchange v Aqua Dimensions Plumbing Services, Inc.
Martin County

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Driver in SUV crash awarded $1M for medical costs

A jury awarded a driver more than $1 million for injuries she sustained in a collision in West Palm Beach. In 2011, Mia Farland, 51, was driving a compact SUV east on Royal Poinciana Way. As she turned left onto Bradley Place, another SUV appeared in the lane to her left and struck the side of her vehicle. The other driver, Nelson Peltz, was found negligent and the case focused on damages. Farland claimed the accident aggravated her scoliosis and broke rods that stabilized her back. Surgery to replace the rods ended up injuring her spine and ultimately she lost an inch from her left leg. The defense argued the rods were broken before the crash, which was too minor to cause injury. The jury awarded Farland $1,060,859 for medical costs.
Farland v. Peltz
Palm Beach County

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$154,369,200 Klix v. American Taxi Inc. Volusia County Jul 17
$51,813,593 Aldana v. Pyles Marion County Feb 27
$49,268,906 C.R.R. v. Miami-Dade County School Board Miami-Dade County Nov 14
$45,005,000 Estate of Angulo v. Calero Broward County Oct 26
$43,967,234 Veranda Condominium I, LLC v. Wachovia Mortgage Corp. Broward County Mar 2
$36,960,000 Pereira v. Fleuricort Miami-Dade County Oct 10
$36,000,000 Wallace v. R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. Brevard County Oct 20
$30,185,489 Ming v. Gerelco Traffic Controls Inc. Hillsborough County Dec 15
$23,065,991 Alamo-Cruz v. Affordable Treemen Inc. Broward County Feb 14