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Find out about the most important recent Florida cases, selected by VerdictSearch editors. Coverage includes Miami-Dade, Palm Beach and Pinellas counties.

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Colonoscopy was not cause of delayed cancer diagnosis

A jury found a gastroenterologist and his practice were not negligent in the performance of a patient's colonoscopies. Zaven Kazandjian underwent several colonoscopies over the years. Most recently, on Oct. 17, 2011, Kazandjian, then 66, underwent a colonoscopy by Dr. David Vastola. The results were normal, but less than two years later, he was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer and was given six to 20 months to live. Kazandjian claimed that Vastola negligently performed the 2011 colonoscopy and that Vastola should have detected the cancer during the exam. Vastola claimed the exam was properly performed and that the cancer had either developed after the 2011 colonoscopy or was not clinically detectable at that time.
Kazandijian v. Vastola
Palm Beach County

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Sale of non-jumping show-horse was valid

A federal jury ruled that a seller of a show horse that refused to jump was not liable for breach of contract or fraud. In April 2014, Alejandro Zendejas paid $250,000 for a show horse from Eugenie Redman. Zendejas said he would buy the horse only if it was prepared to compete at the Grand Prix level. After the purchase, the horse refused to jump in competitions. Zendejas sued Redman and Colin Syquia, a trainer, alleging breach of contract and misrepresentations of the horse’s medical history and performance record. The defendants denied the allegations and pointed out that while Zendejas had done some due diligence, he did not speak with veterinarians, look at show records or of videos of competitions, or speak with prior owners.
Zendejas v. Syquia
Federal - U.S. District Court, Southern District, West Palm Beach

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Convenience store liable for dog attack

A jury slapped an Orlando business with a damages bill of nearly $100,000 after a dog on its property attacked a customer. In 2015, Felden Hudson, 62, was walking toward a restroom at the gas station-and-convenience store on South Rio Grande Avenue. As he did so, he encountered a dog that seemed hostile. The dog began to chase Hudson, who jumped a chain-link fence to escape, fracturing his left ankle. Hudson alleged Right Fuel Food Store Inc. was strictly liable for the dog attack under state law. The court issued a default judgment against the store on liability. The trial focused on damages. Hudson said he has permanent ankle pain. Defense counsel denied he had a serious injury. The jury awarded Hudson $91,545.
Felden Hudson v. Right Fuel Food Store, Inc.
Orange County

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