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Find out about the most important recent Florida cases, selected by VerdictSearch editors. Coverage includes Miami-Dade, Palm Beach and Pinellas counties.

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Jury awards $4 million in misread of Pap smear case

A jury has awarded a seven-figure damage sum in a medical malpractice case. The estate of Janice Rowland, who died at 62 in May 2014 from cervical cancer, sued Quest Diagnostics, Inc., alleging it misread Rowland's Pap smear test in Tampa in July 2011, failing to detect her cancer. The Tampa Pap smear came back negative. A December 2013 positron emission tomography scan at Rowland's gynecologic oncologist showed metastasis in lymph nodes and cancer in her uterus. Quest's medical experts opined the 2011 Pap slide interpretation was correct and within the standard of care. They further opined the cancer was aggressive, not present in July 2011, and dormant for 2.5 years. But the jury found Quest liable and awarded the estate $4 million.
Estate of Rowland v. Quest Diagnostics Inc.
Hillsborough County

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A $5.09 million award after vehicle accident killed woman

A jury has awarded a seven-figure damage sum to the estate of a woman killed by a driver in another vehicle in a 2013 collision on Marco Island. Theresa Lesniak, 91, was killed upon impact after her vehicle was struck by a vehicle driven by Peter Ferreira. The estate's counsel alleged a black box in Ferreira's vehicle indicated his speed was 77 mph at impact on the 30-mph street. Ferreira was charged with vehicular manslaughter, for which he was ultimately convicted and sentenced to 14 years in prison. Prior to the civil trial, Ferreira conceded liability, and the jury later awarded the estate $5,093,000 in total damages.
Estate of Lesniak v. Ferreira
Collier County

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Defective running board on van caused fall, plaintiff claimed

Parties have reached a settlement in connection with a van incident. In January 2014, Lisa Levy, then 53, alleged that she fell while boarding a van owned by Medex Transport, Inc. Levy, who is disabled, was diagnosed with a medial meniscus tear in her right knee and an anterior talofibular ligament tear in her right ankle at an emergency room, alleged a loose/poorly maintained running board caused her to fall. Medex denied liability, the court granted summary judgment on liability against Medex, but prior to the damages trial, the parties settled, with Medex's insurance carrier agreeing to pay Levy $100,000.
Levy v. Medex Transport Inc.
Broward County

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