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Leg amputation was due to doctor’s negligence, per patient

Eloyd Robinson, whose leg was amputated just weeks following knee replacement surgery, was awarded $6.75 million on a medical malpractice claim, with $1.6 million awarded to his wife for loss of consortium. Robinson had alleged that orthopedist Rida N. Azer, M.D. failed to appreciate circulatory problems with the leg prior to surgery, failed to consult with the appropriate doctors before attempting the surgery, negligently performed the knee replacement surgery and failed to provide appropriate post-operative care, all of which led to the need for a subsequent amputation. Dr. Azer contended that he provided appropriate care and that Robinson failed to adhere to post-operative medical advice, which led to the need for amputation.
Robinson v. Azer
District of Columbia

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Bingo player was responsible for her own injuries: defense

Donna Wolfe, who suffered a wrist fracture and bilateral shoulder injuries when she fell over another person’s walker while at a bingo hall, was unable to convince a jury that the bingo hall was responsible for her injuries. Wolfe argued that the aisles between the seated bingo players were too narrow, creating a dangerous condition. She claimed the bingo hall owner, Delta Bingo Holdings, knew of the danger, but failed to remedy the condition. Delta countered by arguing that the aisles were sufficiently wide enough to accommodate bingo players and there was no evidence of a breach of any duty owed to patrons. Also, Delta argued that Wolfe admitted to seeing the walker, but failed to avoid the hazard.
Wolf v. Delta Bingo Holdings Inc.
Anne Arundel County

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Killing of dog by police officer was unnecessary, family argued

A family whose dog was shot and killed by a police officer was awarded $1,260,000 for their loss. The dog, which was in the family’s front yard, was shot by Officer Rodney Price while he and Officer Kevin Davis, who was later dismissed from the case, were canvassing the neighborhood after a burglary. Michael Reeves and his son argued that the dog posed no threat to Price and it was unnecessary to shoot him. They asserted that the shooting violated their constitutional rights and they were traumatized by the shooting. Price claimed he had no choice but to shoot the 4-year old retriever. According to Price, he was looking around the Reeves’ property when the dog unexpectedly jumped out at him while barking and that he feared for his life.
Reeves v. Davis
Anne Arundel County

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